a proof of existinse from the lack of extra.

When you look at the world you see an amazing phenomenon. Let’s preface with an example; how does one know that the person who runs a home is capable? a) Everything that is in the house is in its proper place, tidy, clean and impeccable. b) By the things that are not in the house, namely, lack of clutter and lack of extra objects that distract and make one stumble. By observing this it is a clear proof of a capable homemaker.

The same way and even more so, when a clear thinking person looks at the world, he realizes that not only does the world have exactly what each living thing on earth need to live but there is not anything extra in the world at all. And even things that may be poisonous or dangerous when used for medicinal purposes its rightful place is found in the world.

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of monkeys and men.

its hard to believe the confusion of the country. the zoo does the moral thing and kills a monkey to ensure the safety of a little boy and there are those who doubt that this was the right and moral choice.

this is what happens when morality is relative and subject to the fad of the hour.

the monkey in fact is a creation of the Almighty. he may be a majestic, wondrous creature but he’s an animal. he will always remain an animal. a human on the other hand was created in the image of G-d Almighty. With a soul and the freedom to make moral choices.

non believers are making a big noise recently about the their belief system. but what belief system do they have already. they just deny the beliefs of others and offer no purpose or reason for being of their own. their beliefs can only exist as they feed of the beliefs of others but they are totally empty of any meaning on to themselves.

now we see clearly what it leads to, those who are so happy to put a human child’s life into mortal danger to save the life of a monkey.







right and wrong

the craziest thing about the world is that people simply don’t know right from wrong. good from evil. light from darkness. kids are taught in schools that they can choose what they want to be when they grow up. As a profession I can understand but as a moral choice, kids need to be taught that murder is wrong, stealing is wrong, not respecting your elders is wrong. Otherwise it’s not called education and they may never come to the answer by themselves as we see so clearly in our days.

The absurdity of the theory of evolution

The older I get the more bewildered I become at how the public educational system, the popular media and out general social environment have convinced so many naïve people about the blatant stupidity that is the theory of evolution. How can a mother take her daughter to a zoo, show her a chimpanzee and tell her with a straight face that this monkey is our collective ancestor, and then go home and demand that the same child should follow a moral way of life? Why would she? What is her incentive? In the monkey world morality doesn’t mean too much. One monkey gets all the females, kills off the rest and life goes on. Monkeys don’t wear clothing and don’t worry too much of what others see them doing or how they are monkeying around, etc.

It’s heartbreaking to see a generation brought up on this nasty lie, that this is their background, this is their roots, a stupid biological machine with no moral standing and no Supreme Being to answer to, no Creator to speak to, G-d forbid to live in such a nasty reality.

Why do we perpetuate this dumb conclusion? Why do we let these fake wana be scientists who never invented anything and never contribution one useful idea to the world fool us in such a wicked way?

Who in their right mind can look at a child, a tree, and the creations and possibly think that anything but a Grand Creator created it all and is currently keeping it in existence as we speak?

The blurring of lines.

On the second day of creation G-d created a separation between the higher heavens and the lower heavens. In our days we try to blur all lines of separation between people , animals, plants and inanimate objects. To live in a healthy world is to live in a world where we know who is a man, who is a woman, what is an animal and what is a plant. Once you know who you are then you can respect the other. When you try to merge everything together you create fighting and arguing. People are not the same, we have different qualities strengths and weaknesses. Only when we realize who we are, are happy with ourselves, only then can we love our neighbor. A dog cannot fly and a bird cannot swim and no one expects them to.

Our children need boundaries, meaningful definitions in order to feel safe.

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there is nothing greater than humility

some people want a reason for everything

however many things are above reason

reason is a creation just like anything else

although it is a very high level of creation

when G-d says don’t murder another human being

this is a command that is beyond reason and logic

for were it simply a logical claim

One could come and make a counter reason

and allow himself to murder

as many have done throughout the ages