a proof of existinse from the lack of extra.

When you look at the world you see an amazing phenomenon. Let’s preface with an example; how does one know that the person who runs a home is capable? a) Everything that is in the house is in its proper place, tidy, clean and impeccable. b) By the things that are not in the house, namely, lack of clutter and lack of extra objects that distract and make one stumble. By observing this it is a clear proof of a capable homemaker.

The same way and even more so, when a clear thinking person looks at the world, he realizes that not only does the world have exactly what each living thing on earth need to live but there is not anything extra in the world at all. And even things that may be poisonous or dangerous when used for medicinal purposes its rightful place is found in the world.

note; thanks for reading. I am feeling very tired and sick as I stayed home from work today so it the language doesn’t make 100% sense please excuse me, I am going to try to come back and fix it soon.


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